About IC
International Computing is a SaaS pioneer offering unique, custom built SaaS solutions based on our highly flexible single-vendor solution, RISEsm. We specialize in developing browser-based solutions aimed at maximizing your organization's profit potential. Whether you're a CIO in charge of a global enterprise's technological assets or a business unit leader in charge of your team's productivity we can craft a customized solution to increase efficiencies and decrease IT expenditures.

International Computing picks up where your packaged ERP, CRM, BI, or other business suite leaves off, filling your custom need gaps and remedying the core rigidity of pre-packaged systems. With over a decade of infrastructure tuning and building various architectures under our belt, we offer unique expertise in the field and continuously fine-tune our process in order to build in greater efficiencies and cost savings for our customers.

Working with International Computing will allow you to do more computing with less infrastructure, thus bending the cost curve in your favor. Our clients range from Fortune 50 global leaders to mid-market firms looking to create competitive advantages via strategic IT deployments. International Computing will allow your IT department to build a competitive advantage through our software delivery and business model innovations.

Since its inception, International Computing has been home to a global workforce of some of the most highly skilled software engineers and infrastructure managers combining the cost efficiency of off-shore operations with the contextual value-add of on-shore customer relations and service.