Transformation Toolbox ®
On-Prem Hybrid Multi-Cloud
Legacy Digital Omini-Channel
Waterfall Projects Agile Portfolios
Monolith Micro-Services
Business Rules AI Enabled
AI driven, software services bundled to optimize the derived value of your agile business transformation initiatives.
Pre-built VAN-Free Channel EDI
Cohesive, Agile, Best-In-Class Integrations
Trusted by the world’s top Hybrid-Solution Transformation Service Providers. White-label Portal with EDI capable Integration Middleware. Pre-Built SaaS integrations with key suppliers, distributors and SaaS Products. IT Asset Management and Servicer Coverage Portfolio Maintenance Tool for your Team Members, Partner and Customer access.
Transformation Business In-A-Box for IT Solution Providers
Fully Managed, Comprehensive, Turn-key and Customizable SaaS.

Functional Benefits

 Combines Integration Hub with Branded Service Portal
 Fully Managed Custom SaaS
 Tiered Access and Security
 Contract and Coverage Adjustments with Batch Edits
 Service Quoting Tools
 True-Up Tools
 Asset Events and Custom Attributes
 Full EDI Integration with Distributors
 Search Tools and Reports
 Customizable to fit your Business Model

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Current Pipeline
6 Weeks

Typical Implementation
3 Weeks





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