Join Our VPM Program
If you are an individual or an organization with extensive vertical experience in a particular industry, you should consider becoming an International Computing Vertical Practice Manager (VPM).

International Computing is committed to democratizing the software management discipline through our network of VPMs who manage the long run customer engagement within the structure, tools and culture provided and continuously improved upon by our operations. These people, processes, systems and most importantly incentive structures are designed to align the VPM program with the goal of being the highly effective, long-term software partner of the global enterprise.

Our innovative business model removes the short-term, bonus oriented IT sales rep out of the software engagement. These swarms of reps, a product of sales incentive systems that reward sales over solutions - will move to the next green field leaving the client CIO to deal with the consequences of the software stack they bought long after the sales rep has moved on.

In contrast to this short-term and short-sighted approach, our VPM model is based on the merits, experience, connections and knowledge base of industry veterans. Our VPM's are incentivized, and thus committed, to building and managing the client's long term road map well after the solution is implemented. Our VPMs are concerned with forming lasting relationships and solving problems, not generating the fastest and largest sales order possible.

Why become a VPM? If you are interested in leveraging your long-term vertical industry experience in solving problems in that particular industry and turn those solutions into a life-long annuity stream, contact us using the form below.