Supporting Your Mission
At International Computing, we take a balanced approach to enterprise computing. We understand that the HR application's needs have little to no relation to the sales team's needs. We also know that the needs of a department are best understood by the leaders of the department. It is imperative that department heads provide direction and leadership as to their technological needs. Our belief in creating fully customizable solutions means we can help you accomplish your goals for your department; streamline workflows, enable 360 degree views of your customers and your communications with them, reduce your application deficiencies, and enable global data management. Because our work is customized to meet exactly the requirements for your department and is based off cloud computing and SaaS the costs are minimized to allow you to create efficiencies within your group without going through long request and approval processes.

With International Computing's RISE services you get exactly what your business unit needs, none of what you don't. You are given the ability to augment and change the system based on your internal short-term goals or the long-term roadmap. There is no software or hardware to buy, no additional hiring of IT personnel or external consultants or integrators, and no waiting around for upgrade cycles to meet tomorrow's challenges.

If you are new to these concepts, please see the information we provide on SaaS and the Cloud.

"Our US system was so cost efficient, that during the first full year of maintenance it cost us less than that of keeping one fulltime IT employee. We decided to have them clone our system for our Canadian customers."

- Operations Manager, Lighting and Furniture Distributor