Our Mission
International Computing is a unique global delivery capable Software as a Service (SaaS) firm. As a SaaS pioneer and a management and delivery model innovator we design, develop, and manage large corporate computing deployments using RISE (Rapidly Integrated Strategic Enhancements), our highly flexible enterprise computing service. Our solutions are developed from the ground up to support the ultimate agile corporation and it's global strategies.
When we say full-service, we mean full-service: We provide not just the hardware + software solution per SaaS but the development resources, training and institutional memory retention and human capital redundancy that results in a low-cost, short-cycle, long-term source of standardized corporate application development and deployment only a true people, process and technology organization can provide.
Whether you are a CIO looking to adopt a balanced corporate IT strategy that complements the stability and compliance capabilities of packaged software deployments or if you are a business executive looking to enhance the corporate IT supplied B2B computing resources with standardized applications that give you a competitive edge, you should talk to us.