Vobilizer - Voter Mobilization SaaS
Vobilizer is one of the most powerful voter mobilization platforms available on the global market today. Whether you are a candidate, advocate, party official, or political professional, Vobilizer enables you to streamline activities such as volunteer work, GOTV (Get Out The Vote) efforts, fundraising, outreach, and marketing.

Target your voters, tailor your message - Without requiring technical expertise on your part, the Vobilizer platform simplifies microtargeting by applying business intelligence (BI) technology and data mining techniques to "big data" aggregated from various sources, allowing you to tailor your message to as specific an audience as you require-not only to subgroups of your electorate, but even to individuals! International Computing is a certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services provider, making Vobilizer cost effective and truly scalable, from handling the big data needs of large national campaigns to enhancing the most Spartan local election efforts.

Not just a software platform, but the experts to back it up - Unlike the off-the-shelf products available to the mass market, the Vobilizer platform not only provides a cloud-based software solution, but comes with the support of a cadre of professional data analysts and consultants to help you ensure that your effort is a success. Backed by a dedicated management and professional services operation, Vobilizer is fully customizable, with services ranging from telephone and e-mail support to a devoted on-the-ground presence in your city-and in your office-for the duration of your campaign. Our teams are available around the clock to perform advanced custom analysis.

Queries, Scripts, Canvassing, Phone Bank, Direct Mail, E-Mail, and More!
Features In-Breif
 Database management of voters, contributors, volunteers & staff
 Secure document libraries for collaboration and sharing of confidential information
 Workforce Optimizing Queues
 Secure anytime, anywhere access to your data
 Mobile device capability
 Report generation for internal control and government compliance
 Data Cleansers
 Flexible and powerful visual graphing and mapping tools

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