Transformation Toolbox® - Portal Options

"Integrations create a substantial Data Lake. This lends itself so elegantly to providing not only management portals but customer and partner share portals as well. This approach makes Transformation Toolbox® a very complelling offering."

- CRN Fast Growth 150 Distributor Client

Multi-Tier Secure Portal Offerings

 Multi-Tier Partner Data Share

Configurable, branded, real-time data portals for Customers and Partners with Role, Privilege based access controls. Optional Okta integration for Enterprise Single Sign-On.

 Integrated Service Desk

Manage service lifecycles of internal and external assets as well as IT as a Service offerings. ITAM and ITSM optionals are also available. Integrate with ServiceNow for e-bonding and other streamlining as desired.

 Real-Time Integration Status

Monitor integration health, integration errors at the data flow, data field as well as sync level. Get a real-time glimpse into all your enterprise integrations in one comprehensive interface.

 EDI Management Portal

Control, manage and monitor all your Inbound and Outbound EDI messages by Type, Message, Customer, Client or Partner. Be in full control over your EDI relationships with Partners and Customers.



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