Investor Relations
International Computing is a privately held, US based, multi-national firm specializing in custom Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for enterprise clients based off our internally developed service RISEsm. Companies utilize RISE due to its ability to seamlessly integrate custom made solutions that lower IT costs, reduce product development and go-to-market time, increase business unit adaptability and flexibility, and solve business challenges.

Additionally we market several specialty solutions such as Asset Generalsm, our asset management and service maintenance solution for the distributor and healthcare markets. We are always pushing the boundaries of finding ways to tackle the IT challenges of global enterprises using SaaS and Cloud Computing.

If you are interested in being involved with a segment of the software industry with the best growth prospects and least margin pressure, we may be interested in starting a conversation. We would be mostly looking for investors whose outlook and strategic intent aligns best with our business model and the next phase of growth for our firm. For investment inquires please contact us at our offices or send an email to