RISE Enhancement Cycle
RISE based services are custom integrated by International Computing to fit your unique business environment by integrating a set of horizontal and vertical business components that we possess in source code form. Your long-term road map is devised to meet your current and future business objectives. However, at the core RISE is software as a service.

Here is how our process works:
  1. When you engage us, we interview the designated parties at your organization at length regarding your pains, requirements, goals, future plans and the level of usage expected.
  2. We provide you with a fixed price proposal of what the initial costs will be, as well as the monthly charge for a one, two or three year management contract. Based on the length of the service agreement, we may agree to subsidize the initial development fees.
  3. When you sign off, the development begins. Thanks to source tree based RISE methodology, our development cycles are measured in days and weeks instead of months and years.
  4. When the development is complete, we stage the system for your feedback and make necessary adjustments.
  5. We then deploy your system to one of our hosting facilities and take care of the daily maintenance of your systems for the length of the management contract.
  6. When you need changes and additional components, we repeat the same process in a cost efficient manner so we may continuously improve on your system and adapt to whatever your changing needs may be.
This process allows us to devise customized solutions that meet your needs while not bogging down your team and infrastructure with cumbersome features and functions that are not applicable to your particular business. It also ensures that implementation is not the end of our relationship but the beginning as we take pride in providing best-in-class service and continuous improvement so your business processes are also continuously improving. We want to help the CIO become a position that delivers competitive advantages throughout the enterprise, not the head technological maintenance man whose budgets continue to rise faster than efficiencies continue to be delivered.

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