About RISE
At International Computing, we take a balanced and holistic approach to enterprise computing. We provide custom managed solutions across your enterprise or within your department. Our service development and integration echoes the modular approach found in the Open Source community, which has proven to have significantly greater adaptability, flexibility and long term cost savings.

The foundation of our solution is RISE. RISE stands for Rapidly Integrated Strategic Enhancements. Using RISE we build, support, customize and manage robust, value added applications for businesses regardless of size or complexity. Our systems allow you to securely share corporate data, documents, and business workflows among your employees, customers, and partner.

RISE picks up where your packaged ERP, CRM, BI, or other business suite leaves off. We fill your custom needs gap and remedy the core rigidity of such pre-packaged systems. We engage in deep customization to ensure that your business' specific needs are met and exceeded so you may concentrate on your business and not inefficient IT systems.

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