VPM Advantage
Democratizing long-term oriented IT management.
One of the biggest problems in the software sales cycle is the incentive plans for sales executives. Instead of being compensated based off long-term problem solving for clients, these executives are incentivized to close as many deals as possible in a short as time span as possible. This doesn't create an environment that allows your problems to be solved in the most effective manner, but one where you are barraged by sales calls, presentations, and pre-made solutions that fit the vendor's plan for revenue growth instead of your plans to create efficiencies with your newly lowered budget.

International Computing has recognized this value disconnect, and in response we have created the Vertical Practice Manager (VPM) program.

Our innovative business model removes the short-term, bonus oriented IT sales rep out of your software engagement. These swarms of reps, a product of the IT sales incentive system that rewards sales reps who exploit their network of CIO contacts for the benefit of their "master of the moment", will move to the next green field leaving the CIO to deal with the consequences of the software stack they purchased long after the sales executive has moved on to the next prospect.

In contrast to this short-term oriented sales approach, our VPM engagement model is based on the merits, vertical experience, and knowledge base of industry veterans incentivized, and thus committed, to building and managing your long term road map well after your solution is implemented. International Computing is committed to democratizing the software management discipline through our network of VPMs who manage the long run customer engagement within the structure, tools, and service oriented culture provided and continuously improved upon by us.

Our people, procedures, systems, and most importantly incentive structures are designed to align the VPM program with your goals of leaner, more efficient IT infrastructures operating at minimal TCO.

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