Extend ERP to the Cloud
Implementing or upgrading an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is complex and requires a substantial capital cost. Even small implementations are easily in the hundreds of thousands dollar range and the larger more complex projects are well into the seven figures.

Your business is complex. Even the smallest of businesses rely heavily on automated information processes. A pre-packaged ERP system will only take you so far. How do you fill the gap between what your ERP system does and what you need it to do?

If you go the path of hiring a team of programmers and consultants you face several risks. More often than not, by the time these programmers and consultants have finished up and move on to the next project and the next client, you find that your business needs have evolved and you need to support and upgrade this customized system. You have lost the support of the ERP vendor because you have customized their product - voiding warranty obligations. Another risk is that you lose the institutional memory and knowledge once your hired hand has moved on. In fact, your competitor (whom they will call next) will get this benefit for free.

Let us introduce you to an efficient and effective alternative, one that employs our powerful and successful RISE methodology not to replace your ERP software, but to extend it. We firmly believe in the value and benefits that ERP can bring to an organization. We do not compete or offer an alternative to ERP. What we offer is extensibility - building ancillary applications that integrate with your ERP system. We tie into its process flows and data in order to accomplish the additional business functionality you need.

Contact us today and allow us to fill the gap between where your ERP software stops and where your business processes need to be.

We manage and support these extensions in The Cloud, over the long term across multiple ERP upgrade cycles with unprecedented cost efficiency and effectiveness.